Marine Piling

MCS Subsea can undertake a wide range of marine piling works from afloat or land. Whether its sheet pile cofferdams or Marine Tube Piles, we can offer the planning, management, and site execution of piling projects across the UK and Internationally.

Marine Piling

A large part of the UK Construction Industry takes part in or around a marine environment. Whether it’s the installation of a new subsea pipeline or the replacement of Canal Lock Gates, any project planned around water can offer any Contractor significant challenges and hazards.

Permanent SEALING

Some of Our previous Marine Piling Projects include permanent sealing of canal breaches, cofferdam installation to allow construction works to be conducted in the dry and the Installation of a new wharf, slipway and mooring dolphin at King Edward Point, South Georgia. Please check out the Case study here!

As well as taking on Marine Piling Projects as a Principal Contractor, we can also provide site labour including welders, slinger/signallers, lift supervisors, plant operators and supervisors to support our Clients Projects.


If you have a project that requires Marine Piling Operatives or Management, please get in touch below!

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